Delicate Diversity


In Delicate Diversity, forms talk and dance and celebrate. They support each other, protecting each other's fragility. Their differences become discovered, mutual strengths.

Delicate Diversity explodes from the void of an emotional and creative paralysis. With the election of a strongman breeding a culture of ruthless social conflict, each aspect of our lives becomes acceptable collateral. We entrench ecosystems and social values. Identities and origins are weaponized. Discourse between and among societies and generations is a fight or abandoned in dissociation altogether.

Delicate Diversity begins a counter-revolution through counter-balance: a menagerie of fragile and delicate creatures, formed in glass, standing in beauty and brave defiance to the violence around us.
Glass lives in a fluid spectrum: fire finds it soft, pliable, yet dangerous to handle; air finds it hard, brittle, and delicate to handle. This amorphous medium envelopes the span of diversity, its strengths and fragilities.

Delicate Diversity is an invitation to a thoughtful conversation, one of honest voices and empathetic listeners. A shared conversation in which we each find our own inspiration for a better self, kinder empathy, and deeper understanding.

Please share your voice and ears in this mindful, vulnerable, and honest space.

Ich arbeite daran ...

..... die englische Website ist online. Sobald ich meinem Leben die dazu noetige Zeit abringen kann, werde ich mich an die deutsche Uebersetzung machen. Grosses Ehrenwort!!