Art is an integral part of my daily life and my mind, deeply entwined with my self.


I use art to process the world around me, the landscape, the politics. My reaction to the political climate is expressed through art. 

Why glass?

It is physical. There is a technical and scientific process that appeals to me. 

I am a light fanatic. People react emotionally to light in a strong yet often subconscious way. Light is primal. It influences the way we see and perceive things, it can shift moods. It has the power to make everything look completely different.

The interplay of light and glass can create a moment of awe. You enter the room at different times of the day and something catches your eye. It creates an awareness. When you walk by a piece of glass at the right time and the light is hitting it in just the right way and you suddenly awaken again.

Growing up in Germany, glass was everywhere. It was in the windows of the churches I passed every day, it was in the day to day objects we used in our homes. Glass was blown,pressed, stained, painted, etc. It was a part of the environment. 

I have always been creative. I have always loved making things and when I was looking for a creative outlet, it seemed natural to me that I would turn to glass because of my love for the natural sciences, and because of the connection I feel through it to my intellectual and cultural imprint. 

Ich arbeite daran ...

..... die englische Website ist online. Sobald ich meinem Leben die dazu noetige Zeit abringen kann, werde ich mich an die deutsche Uebersetzung machen. Grosses Ehrenwort!!